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Rogue Argent Sea, Chapter Fifteen
Chapter Fifteen
Reese couldn't see anything past the thin, pale fingers gripping onto the jar. Mary was holding it with much more care than Tia had done. Reese sat down on the cold glass floor, trying to process what had just happened.
Orville didn't care about her.
He didn't give a single, solitary fuck.
Reese hated the fact that it bothered her. She always knew that something like this was inevitable, a friendship or anything more between them was an impossibility. She was lying to him, and to him she was just the price on her head.
Despite moonlit talks and friendly conversations, she was just a liar and he was just a pirate.
This was all inevitable, she knew something was bound to destroy their friendship, and yet it still hurt like hell.
When it had just been her and Timm and Matthias, she didn't trust a single soul. She didn't trust anyone after their parents left, after the mess with Ari, trusting people was bad and it all lead to shit like this.
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Fourteen
Orville was shoved into a polished office, the ropes being roughly sliced off of his wrists. The second his hands were free the door was shut an locked behind him. Orville shut his eyes tightly, rubbing the rope-burned skin on his wrists, and let out a sigh.
This was a fucking problem.
He was about to peer down into his pocket. Reese had gone perfectly still; Orville doubted she was asleep, he was more positive she was just terrified.
Before he could a sudden voice broke the stillness of the room.
“You may take a seat if you'd like,” a soft, feminine voice broke in.
Orville's eyes snapped open, finding a young woman at the back of the room. She was barely older than twenty, moving more into his view with a controlled grace, seeming almost like a cat with the way she prowled.
At first glance she appeared to be an elf, or possibly even human, but a few more hints showed that she was different. She lacked ears entirely, and her nose ha
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Thirteen
Chapter Thirteen
The Complications Of Emotions
Two and a half months later, Orville burst into Bonnie's room. He slammed the door open and heaved a dramatic sigh, before moving in, shutting the door behind him.
“There's this new invention, you may not know about it,” Bonnie stated dryly, not even looking up from the book in their hands, “It's called knocking. Miraculous thing. It gives me time to tell you to go away before you even come in.”
Orville ignored his best friends sarcasm, and moved over to the empty desk chair. He sat down in it backwards, and scooted it closer to where Bonnie was reclining on their bed. He propped his arms up on the back of the backrest, resting his chin on them.
“I think I have a problem,” he said, a slight frown on his features.
Bonnie snapped their book shut with it now being evident they wouldn't be able to read for a while. They set it aside, looking over at Orville.
“You do tend to be a magnet fo
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Twelve
Chapter Twelve
Insomnia and Rat Adventures
[Warning for some minor violence]
It was the middle of the night, and Reese couldn't sleep.
She laid back on her pillow, watching the lights dance above on the ceiling. The moon had a peculiar way of hitting the oceans, and the reflections shone through her window, making lights dance.
On other nights it'd be peaceful; the lights a show, the crashing ocean waves a symphony, but instead it was just more things to keep her awake.
It had been one week since she had arrived on the ship, and in all honestly, it hadn't been that bad of a week.
The days she spent with Viola were full of light chatter, being around the bubbly woman was easier and easier every time.
The day she had spent with Saffy was astounding. Watching the giant elf cook had been amazing, and she had even let Reese help out a bit; to the small woman who had a secret love for baking all her own, it was wonderful.
Her day with Dill was spent mostly above decks, h
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Eleven
Chapter Eleven
Unlikely Friends and Unexpected Allies
Timm fought tooth and nail against the people holding him back, desperate to get away.
“Get the fuck off of me!” he spat out, struggling against the guards dragging him down the halls. He pulled with all his might, but a lifetime of being underfed and untrained didn't leave him a chance against the soldiers brute strength.
He was eventually dragged into the same polished room as before, with a sight that made him stop struggling entirely. Everything slowed down to a halt, he didn't even care as the guards shoved him to his feet, struggling and weak.
Before him was the king, sitting behind his desk just as it was the first time. The queen and princess weren't there, but there was a familiar face standing beside the king.
He was tall for a woodlander, a little over three inches. Pink hair swept up into spikes, with gray eyes. He had a scar crossing over one eyebrow, and his skin was a light tan. He was
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten
Viola is the one Reese comes to trust first.
Reese awoke early the next morning, which was apparently unexpected to the others, as no one came to check on her until it was past noon.
She didn't mind the time alone, it gave her a bit of time to lay things in perspective. She dozed off once or twice, until eventually there was a knock on the door, Viola entering a moment later.
“Afternoon, miss!” Viola greeted brightly. She stepped into the room, smiling before kneeling down at the side of the bed. “Did last night go alright? I was going to check in on you before you went to sleep, but I got caught up in work, it was past midnight before I realized it.”
Reese blushed slightly at remembering her sign language blunder, but nodded, with a faint smile on her lips. Considering all the possibilities, things could have gone far worse.
“That's good! It's good that you're getting some air, I know how stuffy cabins can get after a while
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Nine
Chapter Nine
Quality Time
Orville moved through the halls and decks of the ship expertly, not even having to look where he was going to know where he was. He did, however, because the last thing he wanted to do was trip or run into a wall with Reese in his hands.
Reese took the whole ship in, memorizing every inch she could. A lot of it all looked the same, so she noted the small details. Different scuffs on the doors, broken floorboards, spilled paint marks, anything that could differ one hall from another.
Eventually they made it to the top deck, the cool night air washing over them as they stepped out.
From Reese's perspective, the ship was positively huge, making her feel entirely tiny. It was large even by giant standards; and it must have been a miracle that the ship was able to run on only six crew members. The white sails were billowing out with the night air, carrying the ship along at a swift speed. If Reese squinted, she could see the silver of Jack's hair in the crows nest,
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Eight
Chapter Eight
The Crew Of The Night's Fall
There was a soft knocking on the door.
For a moment Reese forgot where she was, thinking she was in the same bed she had woken up in the morning before, back in her church attic home. She tugged her blanket tighter about her and screwed her eyes shut, pressing herself deeper into her bed.
There was another knock and along with that came all the memories of what had happened.
Reese jerked awake, flying into a sitting position. The royals, the pirates, everything came back until she found herself sitting on her makeshift bed on a pirate ship.
“Miss, I'm coming in,” came a soft voice, before the door swung open. Viola swept into the room, her eyes finding Reese easily.
“Morning!” she greeted, ever cheerful, as she moved to kneel by Reese's bed. She got down on the opposite side of the bed than the pillow was on, so there was a comfortable distance between the two, for Reese's benefit. “Well, good evening, actually. Y
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Six
Chapter Six
Pirates. Lies. Lirates.
Reese stirred in her sleep slightly, pushing herself deeper into the soft surface below her. She was still incredibly tired and wanted nothing more than to get more rest. Suddenly everything that had came to pass suddenly sprung back into mind.
Reese jolted awake, jerking into a sitting position.
She was laying on a pillow, in a different storage room than before. A large cloth was over her as a blanket, and there were a pile of woodlander sized clothes beside her.
A quick glance around the room showed that she was alone and some of her tension eased slightly, though there was still the question of what to do. She rung her hands, and was considering getting up from the pillow when the door swung open.
A short, chubby faun walked into the room, a smile on her lips and a bowl of water in her hands. She shut the door behind her, before glancing up and seeing Reese, smiling even brighter.
“You're awake!” she said, softly. She stepped closer,
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Rouge Argent Sea: Chapter Four
Chapter Four
Reese snapped her head up at the 'coo', her eyes opening. Hearing pigeons in the city wasn't exactly a rarity, but this one was familiar.
Reese stood, crossing the small cell quickly, stopping at the barred window. She glanced up at the pigeon sitting outside on the railing, and found none other than Matthias. Reese strained to see more from the small window, hoping to see her brother, but instead all she found was a paper and a small ax, strapped to the birds leg.
She let out a low whistle, one that was the general command for Matthias to come. The bird complied, and Reese stuck her hand through to grab the ax and paper.
Thought this might help, hop on Matty after you get out, see you soon!! -Timm (AKA, the most awesome brother ever)
Reese grinned at the note, tucking it into her corset so she wouldn't loose it. She then gripped onto the ax with two hands, taking a step back.
Reese swung hard into the wooden window frame, the wood fracturing and splin
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Jun-seo sirena by Redvelvetshock Jun-seo sirena :iconredvelvetshock:Redvelvetshock 53 15 Longing by Darkavey Longing :icondarkavey:Darkavey 450 21 Like a stained handkerchief by QuackGhost Like a stained handkerchief :iconquackghost:QuackGhost 8 4
Have you ever felt like life is a waste?
Or that your alone no matter whats going on? I know everyone feels alone at some point in there life but I don't know anymore...  I want to relieve the pain but will that change anything? I'm not afraid of the answer, at least I don't think I am. I wake up and think to myself what is the point of all this? Why am I pushing myself- Where am I pushing myself- How long am I going to have to push myself. I want to fight for myself but what would I fight for? The minute I think I'm getting myself put together I fall right back into pieces. I write these stories and it breaks my heart because I can't have that. They don't end in happy endings and I can't bring myself to lie and say they do but I still crave that. I'm screaming and then I wake up to find I was dreaming. I cry and cry and cry and cry and cry only to find I've created an ocean with my tears and then I'm tossed and turned on the waves in the storm I call my life. How the hell am I suppose to save myself if I can't swim?! I don't want a knight in shining amour! I want someone who has the strength to fight for me because I don't think I can anymore. My heart is beyond broken beyond crushed and I'm so afraid to let someone in in fear that they'll blow away the remnant of my heart for it is mere dust. All it would take is a simple gust. How am I suppose to keep going? I know I can't turn to Death for he has turned his back on me once what's to say he won't do so again? I beg the stars for mercy and all they do is blink at my woes. It's like I have asthma and I can only take half breathes but it's life and I can only make it halfway...
I want to live I truly do but I'm lost and can't find the path....

Pay no close mind to what I'm rambling about please. I just needed to root my thoughts somewhere that wasn't my mind. Like I said this just rambles so I apologize for any errors. I type what comes to mind before I can process it and so I could say I don't know what I just typed. I feel slightly more in control of myself now so I suppose this was helpful- yay... 

Ever your lover,
-Laila (LK)  -OxyandDuch
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